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Send us a photo of your room and receive a mockup of the painting in your own home


Itamar Freed (1987)
Orange Tree and Rainbow Lorikeets, 2020 Ed. 1/5 
Inkjet print on archival paper
110 x 75 cm


Purchasing art is an exciting experience, but it's not always so easy to pin the artwork you desire

With a carefully curated edition from the gallery's collection, VIEW IN MY ROOM is here to make your decision easier!

How does it work?

  • Send us a JPG of your room 

  • Within 48 hours (or less) you will receive a mockup of the artwork and a price quote  

  • If you'd like to purchase the work, we will take care of the logistics and shipment for you

About the gallery collection:

Litvak Contemporary holds an impressive collection of contemporary artworks in different mediums. All artworks are either one of a kind or limited editions, some by emerging and some by established artists. All artists are globally recognized and have exhibited and won awards worldwide.
The artworks are signed and you will receive a certificate of authenticity with every purchase.

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